About Me

Getting a bit deep here… professional experience on home page Experience

The journey started longtime ago from Nigeria… I was a young boy that his dad wanted him to have little knowledge of how to use a computer in an institution. I developed passion, had my first job, can’t remember telling my dad about it, (he was in Spain then)… all for the sake of not risking my pocket money.

2010, a new chapter in my life and carreer, I knew what I wanted though with some aspect not so clear, could remember asking that time academic tutor in Escuela Edib: Will I be able to repair a software after my carrer? Yes, so innocent of me, I knew it’s not tangible but just wanted to ask some questions. Within me, Computer Science or Software Engineering?!

2011, I developed website for a client. Wow!! Less than a year of my carrer, the website is still live! P.s Bernat Bauza thanks for trusting me with your web www.agroambient.es. (I know, its not responsive)

I am writting this, 10 years later and still grateful to God for that day and that innocent question!

I would like to highlight my final year project (2013), It was about automating table reservation for restaurants with a mobile app for client to reserve. I knew what it was for a client to call a restaurant and they end up with no table because the person that answer the call forgets to write it down, a the typical reservation book argh! Still curious about it? Link here, not so proud of my then Spanish!

After some years we started to hear about JustEat, that’s what I am capable of doing with what surrounds me.

Ey!! You can see the remaining story or work exprience on LinkedIn 🙂